giovedì 28 aprile 2016

Big Ricci

A.S.D. BiG One Roma

A qualified, prepared and professional team.

Always ready to answer all of your questions and satisfy your expectations.
Our gym is young, equipped, dynamic.
..but most of all we pay great attention to our customer's well-being. This is why A.S.D. BIG wants to ensure all it's guests the best, currently available fitness equipment.

Thanks to these characteristics BIG can be considered one of the most prestigious Italian gyms.
A 2500m² - surface on which you will find:
a huge weightlifting-room with equipments of the best American brands and a wide section entirely dedicated to cardiofitness (..long waiting times will just be a vague memory).

..but BIG does not mean just body building. In fact we also offer:

Fitness courses
Indoor cycling (Spinning) courses
Courses for teenagers
Dancing classes

..moreover at your disposal: a professional beauty salon, provided with solarium, sauna, coiffeur and beautician.

All of our rooms are air-conditioned, in order to guarantee you the maximum comfort in summer as well as during winter months.

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